Thing 1: Follow-up

One of the features that I wanted to learn more about with my WordPress blog is setting up RSS feeds to blogs in my blogroll. It’s actually quite easy – there is an “edit” button within my blogroll management. Under the “edit” option all I have to do is copy and paste a blog’s rss feed in the RSS Address field and “save changes.” What’s a bit more challenging to do is establish an RSS feed for those blogs that don’t automatically publish an RSS feed. So, this year I’ve learned from a colleague of mine about a tool that creates an RSS feed for webpages that don’t automatically publish them. The tool is called “Page2RSS” at I didn’t see where the Google Blogger blogs publish an RSS feed (let me know if I’m missing it) so, I used this simple tool to create feeds for some of the Google Blogger blogs. I’ll be checking back to see if it’s working.



Thing 1: Set Up Your Blog

Since I’ve had experiences setting up personal blogs on Blogger, I decided to explore a different free blog provider, WordPress. So far, I’m impressed with the features and functionality which I find to be quite intuitive. There’s a nice selection of templates, and with just a little investigating it’s easy to see how to structure and manage the blog. Uploading photos feature is made accessible as well. Creating my avatar was simple and fun! I’ve never tried creating an avatar so I thought this would be the perfect time to do it. So, I thought….do I create something that I think reflects me as I see myself – OR – do I create something that I think reflects an alter ego? Well, I went with something that I think reflects me as I see myself.


For the Challenge piece I decided to begin establishing my blogroll – super easy to do. What’s my criteria for blogs I’m adding? Well, I don’t want to add any social/personal blogs – I want my blogroll to be a list of blogs that may contribute to professional development.  The next thing I want to try with my blogroll is to create RSS feeds for the links.

Post of Intent

I’m looking forward to participating in the “23 Things on a Stick” program!  My blog’s content will include postings regarding my experiences with the 23 Things as well as information I learn from my colleagues and how that might apply to library work.